RED RANGER, RED RANGER: Send Rental Houses Over?

February 22, 2019

A suprise announcement with a surprise twist, RED has revealed its latest camera, The RANGER. But wait for it… M. Night Twist… This camera is only available to rental houses. The camera itself is very interesting. It has a modified form reminiscent of traditional cinema cameras. Simon Wyndham, Deputy Editor of REDShark writes, “The RANGER would appear to be a very mature looking cinema camera in that it seems to take on design cues and familiar ergonomics that will be pleasing to those in a feature film environment”.

We are keeping our eye on this development and what it will mean for RED in the rental market. Its definitely a sharp turn from their generally owner operator accessible behavior. We encourage you to visit RED’s website to check out some of the specs!

You can read more from Simon Wyndham’s Red Shark News article here

Written By:  Aaron Gadbury – Office Man

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