If I Only Had A Charge: QLion Gets An Upgrade

July 25, 2019

Expressway is excited to share some news from Quasar Science. They have just rolled out a new firmware for the popular Q-Lion lights allowing them to run while on a charge. We don’t have to tell you that being on set has an element of unpredictability. A day can run longer than anticipated, and that previously once the lamps died you were out of luck!

Expressway QLion Quasar Upgrade Program

Fortunately, with the new upgrade, the Q-Lion lights will now be able to run while charging. This allows for more flexibility on set and peace of mind that your fixture will make it through the day. Expressway has updated all of our rental stock, and if you own fixtures of your own you can bring them down to Expressway. We can perform the update for you via a specialized cable at no extra charge! Expressway is an authorized Quasar Science vendor and will be happy to take care of your updates and any future retail needs you may have as well.


Written By:  James Madison – Founder // CEO