Bud’s, A Friendly Neighborhood Studio

April 16, 2019

Tucked back in our quiet Philadelphia neighborhood of RAH, Expressway is proud to present another industry gem, Bud’s Studio. This unique facility is a contemporary, purpose-built, commercial production studio. Fully outfitted for comfort with stylish client and talent amenities, and as expected from Expressway, it is technically equipped to meet our highest standards. Bud’s has only been open a short time but the boutique video studio has already supported and hosted an exciting array of clients including Sci-Fi Channel, Bravo, Urban Outfitters, IKEA, Craftsman, Wawa, and many more.

We knew when we set out to build a studio, we wanted it to be something special. We wanted to create a new brand of studio in Philly that feels stylish and exciting, accommodates the technical needs of an expert crew and also provides the amenities that commercial productions have been looking for. We put a lot of effort into creating a space that the creative community in Philly would be happy with and would live up to their standards. Bud’s is custom built for creativity.

The Studio boasts a number of impressive amenities including a 30’ x 40’ cyclorama, 600amps of power in our custom lighting grid, full-color tunable ARRI Skypanel cyclorama lights and dual 12’ x 12’ drive-in garage doors. On-site, you will find two private parking lots, talent green room with color-tunable lighting, a client mezzanine overlooking the studio, and a private producer’s loft.

Community is really important at Expressway. Which is why Bud’s is extra special to all of us here. We really lucked out with this location and are really proud of its history and to bear its name. Long before Bud’s was a studio it was RAH’s favorite neighborhood auto repair. Built in 1967, by Bud Michini Sr., Bud’s Auto Repair was a staple in the community of Swampoodle (Now RAH) for over 60 years and remained in operation through two generations of Buds. When it finally came time for Bud’s son, Bud Jr. to retire, he sold the shop to Expressway. As customers of Bud’s Auto, we knew how much the shop meant to him and to the neighborhood. We knew we had to build something worthy of the legacy. When you tour the studio, you’ll find elements of the old shop thoughtfully placed in the decor. We wanted to maintain some of the visual elements of Bud’s garage in our design.

When we first spoke with Bud Jr. about buying his building, there was something we didn’t know. Although cars had been his father’s business and livelihood, Bud Sr.’s passion and hobby had always been photography and film. Bud Jr. is very happy to see their family’s building evolve into something he knew his father would have been excited about. In taking over the space, we couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate Bud Sr., a man so widely beloved by the community, than to proudly keep his namesake and try to live up to their reputation.

We are really proud of the new studio and very excited to invite everyone to come enjoy the space. Bud’s Studio can accommodate a diversity of production from green screen to set builds to food prep to private puppy lounges. Our mission is to enable your creativity to its fullest potential. Another added bonus worth noting; Bud’s is only two blocks away from Expressway Cinema Rentals, giving clients the convenience and peace of mind having Philadelphia’s largest rental inventory a stone’s throw away. Bud’s has everything you need for your next creative production. #madeatbuds

If you are looking for a venue for your next photo and/or video production reach out to Bud’s studio manager, Jen Ubil and she’ll hook you up! [email protected]