ShotPut Pro

July 29, 2019

Those who are in charge of data management may already know, but there is a new ShotPut Pro update from Imagine Products. Many industry camera department technicians use ShotPut Pro as their go-to data offload, backup, and checksum verification software. Along with the software update, they have released an iOS app called Imagine HQ (available with any ShotPut license type) that enables you to remotely monitor your download progress – as long as both Apple devices are logged in at the same time on the same network. This is great news for those working as 2nd ACs pulling double-duty as loaders. Fret not if you don’t have the latest Apple-ware, as many features are available for download through a Windows operating system such as Offload, Ingest, & LTFS Solutions for LTO. Those with Apple devices get all of those features plus the ability to work remotely by downloading Quality Control Tools and Transcode & Convert resources. Current users with a plan can get the upgrade for free. Also, Expressway is here if you ever have any questions or just talk shop.

ShotPut Pro Upgrade Expressway Cinema Rentals Camera Department

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