May 1, 2020

Expressway Cinema Rentals is collaborating with Cooke and Optic Sky Productions to present the #SoloSeriesFilm Project. This new series invites filmmakers in Philadelphia and Rochester to view their surroundings in a new light.

Using new Cooke lenses, we’ve asked several cinematographers to document how they are getting through this period of isolation and uncertainty. Despite the hardships COVID-19 is placing on everyone, we are experiencing a unique moment in human history where the world is collectively forced to slow down. Taking a break from the normally hectic pace of life allows us to open the door to reflective thought. 

For some filmmakers this time has resulted in a closer connection to nature. Others are getting to spend more time with their kids, while balancing being a parent as well as a teacher. Many are finding themselves learning new skills or working on their cooking. The goal with this series is to allow us to get a glimpse into how the filmmakers are seeing the world around them today, while also showcasing the characteristics of Cooke Glass. 

Tech Specs

Filmmakers will be shooting on Sony FX9Sony Venice and using brand new Cooke lenses:

  • 65mm Classic Panchro Macro
  • 40mm / 180mm Cooke S7
  • 50mm & 75mm Cooke FF 1.8x Anamorphic


DPs from Rochester and Philadelphia filmed their solo projects and the Optic Sky Productions team is hard at work handling post production on the films. Check out all of the finished products below.