Beyond 60: A New Hope

// Event Date: 07/21/2019

Expressway is proud to announce that the film, The Beyond 60 Project, will be screening at the New Hope Film Festival in New Hope, PA on July 21, 2019. Executive Producer Melissa Davey & production company, Expressway Productions, have been long at work to create an insightful and thoughtful documentary that reminds the world that women never actually leave their prime. It contains inspirational accounts of women over the age of sixty, sharing the formative experiences of their lives. Leaving the audience with a renewed appreciation for women and the power that resides within them, no matter what age.

The Beyond 60 Project focuses on the lives of eight women in addition to the film’s creator. We encourage you to join us if you are able. Check out more about the festival to learn about its origins and the rest of the lineup.

New Hope Film Festival:
July 19th – July 28th
[email protected]

Beyond 60 Screening:
July 21st @ 12 p
Phillips Mill Theater
2619 River Road
New Hope, PA
New Hope Film Festival