Blackmagic Design Demo with Rough Cuts

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Expressway Cinema Rentals Blackmagic Demo Set

Expressway’s friends, Rough Cuts, collaborated with Blackmagic Design to host a Demo event at Bud’s Studio. Earlier in September, planetary alignment along with some help from the Dark Arts allowed the four of us to present Blackmagic Design Demo together.

Blackmagic Design Expressway Cinema Rentals

The folks over at Blackmagic have been on the road, touring the East Coast. Expressway was thrilled to learn from our pals at Rough Cuts that they wanted to make a Philly stop. On a beautiful September evening, Blackmagic Design rolled up into Bud’s with their Demo van. Decked out with software & hardware, equipment covered the studio for an extremely unique hands-on experience.

Expressway Cinema Rentals Black Magic Demo

The pizza was in no short supply as people mingled with each other, testing out equipment. It provided the opportunity for different Philly film circles to network and talk shop. If you missed it, check out all this cutting edge equipment Blackmagic Design is offering. Also, never going to miss an opportunity to recommend Rough Cuts monthly screenings of the work of local filmmakers.

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