Virtual Production Showcase – Integrated by Expressway Cinema Rentals

// Event Date: 11/29/2023

Expressway Cinema Rentals showcased the integration of emerging filmmaking solutions and virtual production technology at Reliance Facility in Sewell, NJ on Wed. 11/29. Attendees experienced each of the vital components that go into virtual production from leading companies in the film industry.

Check out Expressway’s video recap of the event below.


Expressway Cinema Rentals: Integration Management

Offering full-service equipment rentals across three locations, Expressway Cinema Rentals is committed to building the creative infrastructure of the local film industry. For 13 years, Expressway has been bridging the gap between local filmmakers and accessibility to innovative, emerging technologies. 

Reliance Facility: Technical Studio

A hidden gem and recent addition to Expressway’s Studio Network, Proof Productions offers a state-of-the-art 15,000 sq/ft studio & technical facility in Southern New Jersey. Reliance features an impressive 65’ interior height. Their 100’ x 150’ of space gives productions plenty of room for commercial, television, and movie set location and filming.

Keystone Pictures: LED Wall

Keystone Pictures has over 20 years of broadcast television experience, expanding upon their video production resources by diving into virtual production. With the addition of their 16’ x 10’ LED Wall, the company offers continued innovation, storytelling, and creativity for productions. Check out Keystone’s livestream of the beginning of the event.

Mocolab: Robotic Camera & Motion Control

Mocolab specializes in motion control camerawork, helping creatives capture precise, repeatable camera movements with ease. As an Expressway Cinema Rentals company, the Mocolab team offers the same high-level of service and a seamless integration of cinematography & robotics utilizing their MRMC Bolt Jr+ Robotic Arm.

Ready. Set. Go!: Set Design & Build

Ready. Set. Go! is a full service art department that sources the props and set dressing necessary to make a scene come to life. The team is able to translate concepts and ideas to elevate a virtual production set into the desired on-screen outcome.

Vp Toolkit: Unreal Engine Toolsets & Integrations

A leader in the virtual production educational space, Vp Toolkit builds an Unreal Engine plugin and educational courses to support virtual productions utilizing LED Walls. Vp Toolkit creates the tools necessary to make projects thrive with consistency and stability.

Quasar Science: Image-Based Lighting

Quasar Science is known for making tools that help lighting technicians and filmmakers on set to create art with as few limitations as possible. They work closely with leading virtual production companies, like Assimilate, to develop image-based lighting and create dynamic and immersive experiences.

Assimilate: Live Compositing & Virtual Production Control Software

As a leading VP innovator, Assimilate empowers creators through their live compositing & virtual production control software that works with LED wall workflows. Enhance visual quality and realism with advanced image-based lighting via pixel mapping and enable captivating displays for various applications.

IBL Fundamentals Workshops

Quasar Science and Assimilate hosted Image-Based Lighting Fundamentals Workshops featuring live compositing, image-based lighting & virtual production control software.

Written By:  Melissa Anderson – Communications Manager