Mechanics of Working with Film Workshop: Presented by Expressway and Kodak

August 17, 2023

In Rochester, the birthplace of film, Expressway held our first Mechanics of Working with Film workshop. We invited filmmakers of all skill levels for an all-day course on the best practices for interacting with Kodak film. The course was led by a handful of local instructors.

Kodak Film Expressway Cinema Rentals

Kodak Presenters: Diane Carroll-Yacoby & Jonathan Barlow

Our presenters from Kodak, Diane Carroll-Yacoby & Jonathan Barlow, kicked off the workshop with an introduction into the world of Kodak. Daine and Jonathan went through the history of Kodak, from its inception up until present day. They also touched upon the unique qualities of film, which set up the rest of our presenters for the day.

Cinematographer Matt Figler

Matt Figler Film Presentation

Film Instructor: Matt Figler

Cinematographer Matt Figler offered a filmmaker’s perspective of working with film and the creative possibilities. From feature films to commercials and music videos, Kodak Film continues to separate itself from digital capture by offering a distinctly unique visual styles and approach. 

Allegra Film Presenter

Film Instructor: Allegra Dziedzic

Allegra Dziedzic gave an ACs perspective of working with film, including the walk through of this unique camera build. Attendees were able to get a hands-on demo into the responsibilities of the AC when prepping a film camera.

Expressway Cinema Rentals Film Workshop Bart Durkin

Bart Durkin Gaffer
Lighting Instructor: Bart Durkin

Attendees were able to participate in a test shoot that began with the loading of both 16mm and 35mm film. Gaffer Bart Durkin ran a hands-on session of lighting and filming a side by side comparison between both film stocks. This segment included a bonus comparison of the Kodak 5219 500T with the latest digital camera system, the ARRI Alexa 35.

Expressway Cinema Rentals Zeiss Lenses

Shout out to Zeiss and Jean-Marc Bouchut for supplying an additional set of Supreme Primes for this ARRI 235 & ARRI Alexa 35 comparison test. Stay tuned for that footage!

Expressway Cinema Rentals Film Instructor Matt Figler

Our attendees also got an in depth overview of the differences in loading the SR3 vs 235. Everyone’s favorite portion of the event was the hands-on demonstration of the cameras and getting to roll several minutes of 35mm and 16mm film.

Expressway Cinema Rentals Film Camera

We were lucky to have two amazing performers volunteer their time to be on camera talent: Paxton Asher, Contortionist & Avi Pryntz-Nadorny, Cy Wheel Performer. Avi also put together a recap video of the event.

To finish off the Mechanics of Working with Film Workshop, attendees ended the day by getting to can the exposed film and prep it for processing at the lab . With a successful day of shooting film behind them, the team now began the process of waiting for their film to be developed and shipped back. A process that every film user knows all too well!


Check out the Mechanics of Film recap video below:

Written By:  Melissa Anderson – Communications Manager