Grip and Electric 101 Boot Camp

// Event Date: 09/29/2018

G&E Boot Camp 101 is a one day, all day crash course in how to navigate and survive in the entry level world of the Grip and Electric Departments of a film set. Our instructors are highly trained and renown professionals who have worked their way up through Expressway’s network.

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Attendees registered for the program can expect to learn basic techniques and equipment fundamentals that will empower them with a baseline understanding of G&E operations. The curriculum will include defining the various roles and responsibilities within the department along with advice on what to bring, what to wear and what not to do. We will be discussing production terminology and etiquette as well as offering instructional hands on experience with tools and equipment.

The event is being held at our brand new photo and video studio, Bud’s Studio, where our instructors, will be able to train in a real life, state of the art film set environment. This will be an extremely valuable experience for anyone who is trying to enter or is planning on entering the film industry. In partnership with the Philadelphia Film Office we are proud and excited to offer this latest installment of the Boot Camp and look forward to meeting new and motivated film industry professionals.

For additional information please contact Expressway at [email protected] or message us directly through Facebook

*Registration will be limited
*Tickets will be $100

Saturday, September 29th

Bud’s Studio

3111 N Shedwick St, Philadelphia, PA 19132

9am to 6pm

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