New Product: DJI Ronin 2

February 26, 2018

When it comes to camera stabilization, we love FreeFly Systems Movi M5 and MoviPro for their weight, configurability, and solid performance. Nonetheless, at NAB 2017 we were excited to hear that DJI was expanding their line of Ronin Stabilizers with the new Ronin 2. Several months later, this feature-packed cinema gimbal has arrived at our shop and already proven itself useful in our family of gimbals.

DJI Ronin 2

Higher Payload

As with all camera stabilization equipment, payload capacity is a top priority and in many cases is the limiting factor and cause for frustration. Well, worry not with the Ronin 2! Sporting a 30lb payload capacity (nearly double the previous model), this stabilizer should be able to easily handle a majority of camera systems that would typically have clearance or payload issues on the MoviPro. The device itself weighs approximately 9lbs. and 12.1lbs with the handles.

DJI Ronin 2 Grip

Designed for Speed

The Ronin 2 is the perfect solution for high-speed shoots. It can handle movement at up to 75mph and winds up to 30mph with the motors still able to compensate for those forces. With these variables considered and designed for by DJI, operators and techs can spend less time worrying about accounting for them and more time executing. Whether it’s a car rig, drone, or jib, the Ronin 2 is a versatile and affordable remote head option (using the included Joystick or your own controller) to get those stable, dynamic shots on vehicles.

Powered to Last

The dual-battery system on the Ronin 2 allows for continuous shooting. The operator is able to hot swap one battery at a time, allowing the camera, accessories, and gimbal to remain on, doing away with the need to possibly readjust and recalibrate after battery swaps.

The two TB50 intelligent batteries can power the gimbal, camera, and accessories for 2.5 hours before needing to swap, and can power just the gimbal for 8 hours.

In addition to the dual-battery system, the Ronin 2 provides multiple ways to get power to your camera and accessories. Using the included CAN-BUS cables, you can get power to Alexa, RED, DTap, and 2-Pin Lemo accessories.

DJI Ronin 2


One of the best features of the Ronin 2 is its versatility. The Ronin 2 can be used on just about anything you can mount the Ronin 2’s Quick Release Mount to.

With multiple mounts, you can cut down on setup times by being able to release just the gimbal itself from one mount and quickly attach it to another.

It also has the ability for the battery sled to be removed from the gimbal unit itself and still be powered through a provided battery cable that attaches to the removed sled, which can be mounted anywhere within the cable’s length.

And Much More!

From smart shooting options, such as Panorama, Timelapse, Two-Axis Mode (for mounting on to Steadicams) or CamAnchor, to monitor friendly SDI-Ins by the sled and SDI-Outs by the top handle, the Ronin 2 stands out in ability and performance to the beloved FreeFly Systems gimbals when it comes to configuration and the camera packages it can handle.