Sony Announces FX9

October 22, 2019

In Amsterdam, Sony has announced the PXW-FX9 which features a Fast Hybrid Auto Focus (AF) system along with additional key features: 

  • 6K full-frame sensor
  • Dual Base ISO 800/4000
  • AF with face detection and Eye-AF
  • 4K 4:2:2 10bit internal recording
  • UHD up to 60 fps, HD up to 180 fps
  • Four channels of audio
  • External 16-bit RAW recording with an add-on unit
  • 10-bit S35 4K at 120fps to an external recorder

The popularity of shooting in full-frame certainly informed Sony’s decision to has chosen to include it in the FX9. Despite having a 6K sensor, the FX9 won’t record above 4K DCI resolutions.

The AF feature is capable of face detection in large crowds with speeds and sensitivity settings. These settings allow for fast and accurate subject tracking. Newsshooter says, “Sony claims provides consistently accurate, responsive AF tracking, even with fast-moving subjects while maintaining shallow depth of field”.

Dope, right?!

Another feature worth mentioning is the stabilization feature. The FX9 has Sony’s Catalyst Browse / Catalyst Prepare software allows for the transformation of footage to look like it was shot with a gimbal in post-production.  All possible because the FX9 has a built-in gyro that generates metadata which can be altered to find a balance between the level of shake compensation and trimmed 4K imagery resolution.

All this & a lot more for the low-low price of $10,998 with expected ship dates to start in September.

Sony FX9 – Newsshooter at IBC 2019 from Newsshooter on Vimeo.

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