Expressway Cinema Rentals: Rochester, NY Edition

February 12, 2020

2020 Marks the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of Expressway Cinema Rentals

What better way to celebrate than to spread our wings and begin the decade with a new adventure

On Jan. 3, we set off for a city that has contributed more than its fair share to filmmaking history. In fact, we set our charts for the exact place where film has been made since 1888. Located half an audiobook north of Philadelphia — we settled in Rochester, New York. We made our first visit to the area early last year and, to be honest, it took our breath away. Western and Central New York have some truly spectacular locations including a plethora of lake views, wooded vistas, and scenic city streets. 

However, this beauty is no secret as the region has been the backdrop of films for decades. There stands several excellent studio facilities that aid in drawing productions to the area. Even more important are the crews that have made these productions possible in this area. 

“The Rochester/Finger Lakes region has long been the home of a vibrant film scene.” Nora Brown, Rochester Film Commission commented. “We are excited to welcome Expressway Cinema Rentals. Their new facility will provide key services that will support local and out of town filmmakers, and help to strengthen our active and ever-growing community.”

Over the course of several visits, and after touring 30 different potential locations, we came across the perfect building for us to set up shop. Straightaway we realized the importance of having central and easy access to I-90. Our new northern home is strategically positioned to allow us to serve the nearby Buffalo, Syracuse, and the Finger Lakes regions. 

We’ve got it all!

Our new location is 7,500 square feet of mixed office and warehouse space. The space features a complete camera rental inventory, multiple camera prep bays, and a fully stocked expendables retail selection. In addition to our camera rentals, production and locations supplies will be offered as well. Most notably is the shooting studio we carved out featuring a prelit 18’ Cyclorama, lighting package, 300amps of power, and client-friendly amenities. 

As you can imagine, the past four weeks have been exciting as we continue to build upon the shop and add more equipment and resources. At our Warehouse Warming on Feb. 10, we were able to show off our new space and spend time getting to know the local film community. We were also joined by representatives at Cooke and Arri, who demoed some exciting products available through Expressway. Check out more photos of the event below and on our Instagram.

We look forward to showing Upstate New York the quality and level of support now available through #ExpresswayROC

Contact the crew in ROC if you’re interested in a tour, a quote for rental or retail items, or if you need any other assistance on your next production in Upstate New York!

Expressway Cinema Rentals, 75 Goodway Dr, Ste 1, Rochester, NY 14623

(585) 622-1390, [email protected]